Let's level up your business
Let's level up your business

Website and Web App Design in Southampton

We create frustration-free, unique, and awesome websites & web apps which make life easier for you, and your customers

8 facts about us

All content that we produce is created by a talented UK-based team. All freelancers who work with us are hand-picked and vetted to meet our strict quality, moral, and technical standards.

This may not seem surpising to you, but it’s true. All of us at TWC are nerds, geeks, gamers, dinosaur lovers, robot creators, excel wizards, sky gazers, coffee connoisseurs, and UFO spotters (Well, maybe not the last one, that’s just Jamie…). We just really love what we do.

We thrive from complexity and problem solving. The satisfaction we get from delivering a solution to a client really gets us through the week. It’s no ‘happy accident’ when it all comes together at the end – it’s a mix of hard work, brain power, and creativity.

All of the solutions we create combine many years worth of practical expertise together. As we’ve said before, we’re all technically qualified (most to degree level) to be building out solutions and we really know what we’re talking about.

We don’t recycle designs and we don’t use templates. Each site is hand-crafted from the ground up, and you’ll (probably) never find a site that looks similar to yours. Your site will always be uniquely, yours.

We really don’t intend on blending in. We want to make your client’s lives easier, and we are proud to shout about it. With so many developers & designers offering the same thing right now – why on earth would we want to fit in?

Does what we create solve the problem, do we have a deep understanding of the primary user, and does it ultimately make people’s lives easier? We have regular checkpoints with ourselves where we ask these exact questions to help keep the mission on track.

Quality is always better than quantity to us. If we’re not going to be a good fit, we’ll find you someone who will be. It’s nothing personal. Sometimes visions just don’t align, and that’s OK. We thrive from our client’s individual successes, so it makes sense to work together on a cause we both believe in.

A professionally-built website has a direct impact on your business.

We promise never to use templates or recycled designs. Your new website or web app will be completely unique, professionally built from the ground up, and one of a kind. We operate a 10-stage total design and development process to ensure we know exactly who you are, and what you want to achieve.

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Super speed is our standard.

All of our websites and web apps have speed built in by design. We’re talking clean code, efficiency, good design, compressing images, best practices, reducing server load, caching – the full works!

Never suffer from snail-paced loading speeds again. Fast websites should be a global standard, but they’re not for some strange reason. We need to fix that. Who has spare time to wait for a website to load, anyway?

We also thought you should know that we include super-fast shared hosting as standard with every maintenance plan. Shared doesn’t have to be scary. We vet everyone who uses our servers, so we know for certain that there are no bandwidth cowboys/girls.

WordPress Hosting

Our JET plans are up to 200% faster than our competitors, and the other mass-market WordPress hosts. Guaranteed.

Our hosting specs

- Enterprise-grade UK servers
- Offsite backups
- LiteSpeed Web Server
- LiteSpeed Caching
- Samsung SSD's, everywhere
- Dual CPUs (25+ cores)
- 96GB RAM as minimum
- 3ms transfer time from London

The Fresh Prep Kitchen are a healthy meal delivery service based in the heart of Southampton. We took them to the next level on their journey.  Prior to speaking to us, they were manually speaking to their customers by facebook messenger, grabbing their order, and entering meal data into a spreadsheet. There was no website, no brand, and no ordering system in place. Keen to scale up, free up some time, and limit some human error, Luke, the managing director & head chef, got in contact with us to see if we could help.

Our team built Luke and his team a fully automated hybrid solution utilising the benefits of a WordPress CMS & harnessing the lightning speed of React. Now they have the power to scale as high as the sky. All the previously manual tasks, are now a case of logging into the administration system and running a few reports.

Since integrating our solution, Luke has been able to concentrate on growing the business, and they have since seen a 170% rise in total order volumes.

Our featured case study

A completely digital transformation

Hey you, we're hiring.

Are you a badass freelance web developer with a propensity for problem solving and consider yourself a decent designer? Are you always looking for ways to make your websites, sleeker, faster, and simpler for your clients to use? Would you like to work with a fast growing website design company that values creativity and growth, with the freedom to work where, and when, you want? We thought so too!

A few of our WordPress sites

We build our expertly crafted WordPress sites using Elementor, which means that our clients can edit their sites as easily as updating a Google doc. It’s WordPress the way it was meant to be, fun and easy!

Hosted by guilt-free, clean, renewable energy.

As well as being super speedy, all of our websites are hosted using guilt-free, green power. Our sister company ecohosting.club provides a new, eco-friendly, approach to hosting.

All the power at our London netwise datacentre facility, which powers all of our hosting packages, uses 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind, and the sea and has achieved a PUE rating of 1.12. We launched this service recently, so all of our newest websites, and future sites will continue to be hosted at this datacentre.

We think green energy should be the future of hosting for everyone. By choosing hosting with us you’ll be part of this new & exclusive, futuristic, eco club.