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98% of your website visitors won't buy from you today

But, why?” you might be asking. Well, it’s probably because you’re trying to sell.
As a species, we’ve developed a seriously strong immunity to being sold to, sales people, and can smell an incoming sales pitch from a mile away. Long gone are the days of just flashing “SALE” in a red banner all across your site. Nowadays, your visitors just want an easy life.
Studies show that your website visitor has made up their mind about your website in under 0.05 seconds, and one study actually found that 94% of people cited poor web design for being the prime reason for rejecting a business online. That’s one hell of a first impression.

When the average customer has the attention span of a meerket on their second double expresso, we just don’t have the time to lose customers or revenue!

Your website may be overlooking simple, proven, principals that make it easier for your visitors to buy from you, instead of from your competitors. Nature always seems to follow the path of least resistance, and sadly it too often leaves the best option behind the easiest option. We both know your business doesn’t deserve to lose this way. Let’s make your business the first and easiest choice, by using great web design.

We’re on a personal mission to help you succeed.

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a professionally-built website has a direct impact on your business

We promise never to use templates or recycled designs. Your new website will be completely unique, professionally built from the ground up, and one of a kind. We operate a 10-stage total design process to ensure we know exactly who you are, and what you want to achieve.

super speed, as standard

All of our website packages include super-fast shared hosting as standard. We vet everyone who uses our servers, so we know there are no bandwidth cowboys/girls.

We’re faster than GoDaddy, and nearly all other mass-market hosts, guaranteed. Here’s why our servers rock:

– Enterprise-grade servers
UK Datacentre
LiteSpeed Web Server
– LiteSpeed Caching
– Samsung SSD’s, everywhere
– Dual CPUs (24+ cores)
– 96GB RAM as minimum
– 3ms transfer time from London

Our work

Expertly crafted Elementor & WordPress web design & development

The fresh prep kitchen

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Are you a badass freelance web developer with a propensity for problem solving and consider yourself a decent designer? Are you always looking for ways to make your websites, sleeker, faster, and simpler for your clients to use? Would you like to work with a fast growing company that values creativity and growth, with the freedom to work where, and when, you want?

more of our work

We build most of our sites using Elementor, which means that our site owners can edit their sites as easily as updating a Google doc. It’s WordPress the way it was meant to be, fun and easy!

100% green & clean hosting

As well as being super speedy, all of our websites are hosted using guilt-free, green power. Our other company provides a new, eco-friendly, approach to hosting.

All the power at our London Netwise datacentre facility, which powers our platform, uses 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind, and the sea and has achieved a PUE rating of 1.12. We launched this service very recently, so all of our newest websites are, and will be, hosted at this datacentre.

We think green energy should be the future of hosting for everyone. But for now, by hosting with us, you’ll be part of this new, exclusive, futuristic, eco club.

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