Who are we?

We're happy to introduce ourselves.

The Team

We work with a select few hand-picked, UK-based, freelancers who meet our highest quality & moral standards to produce quality work which we can all be proud of as a company. We stick to our guns, and ultimately, we are all doing what we love – solving our client problems using the latest and greatest web technologies.

Meet the day-to-day team below.

Bex Longhurst

Development and Solutioning

Headshot of Bex Longhurst

Bex founded The Website Company back in November 2019, but has been building websites, designing interfaces, and solutioning web apps both professionally and personally for over 10 years. She is an ex-IBM employee, with experience in software architecture, web development, and working with global teams. She now predominantly focuses her time on working her WordPress magic & running the business full time. In her free time, Bex is a VR fan girl, and spends a substantial amount of her free time taking photos of her dog, Dobby.

James Grimshaw

Senior Technical Developer

Headshot of James Grimshaw

James brings to the table over 7+ years of professional experience as an experienced JavaScript developer and all-around code ninja. He has built systems used by hundreds of thousands of people, for local businesses, all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. James has a passion for clean code, adhereing to current standards, and learning about emerging technologies. His other hobbies include cooking and coffee. Well, that’s if visiting coffee shops can be classed as a hobby!

Jasmine Harwood

UI & UX Designer

Jasmine has 3+ years of experience as a UI/UX Designer. Putting her creative and perfectionist nature to good use, Jasmine has worked on various projects from apps and websites to branding and illustration for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. She’s passionate about designing clean, modern interfaces that focus on the user and help to bring innovative and creative ideas to life. Her hobbies include keeping fit, watching gamers on YouTube and obsessing over dinosaurs (nerd alert!)

The Story

They say when food is ‘made with love’, it tastes a little bit sweeter. And that’s what we believe at the Website Company. Except we’re making websites, not food! When someone who loves what they do, and knows what they’re doing, builds your website, it feels, and performs just that little bit sweeter.

The Website Company story actually begins before the Website Company was founded. Bex, our director, made a partnership with a friend who created custom dog collars. They needed a way to sell them online. With a background in development, she quickly realised that she had the skills needed to create a website in a significantly shorter timeframe and learning curve than most. Within a month, she had found an online platform to build it on, designed a logo & brand, started a marketing campaign, and built an entire e-commerce process. When building the website, she couldn’t stop smiling – but she didn’t realise until much later why she was having such a great time building it. After the website was live, she started to advertise the site to all of her friends and family and as a result, became the face of customer support, technical support, and the general ‘runner’ of the business.

A few months went by, and whilst the shop was picking up on orders, it wasn’t enough. The thing that Bex had missed and loved the most about the whole business building experience was actually creating the website and the processes that went with it. Now that the shop was up and running, the fun had stopped! A little later after launch, a school friend contacted Bex, who had stumbled upon the online shop she had built. He was keen to build a similar site for his personal brand.

She happily agreed, and built her first ever website for a real life client.

“This was the moment I realised that I can turn my passion into a business…” Bex said.

Fast forward a few years, and the Website Company was founded. We’ve helped businesses bring their vision to life through their website. We’ve allowed chefs, course providers, brickies, personal trainers, beauty salons, window fitters, builders, charities, clothes shops, and those who would have otherwise collected payments manually, to bring their business online and reach the masses. We solve everyday problems with smart solutions, and we love every minute of it.

Our Morals

& the core ideas behind our beliefs.

You’ve got awesome ideas, and we’ve got all the time in the world to listen to them.