What's a hybrid agency?

Instead of having to choose between a freelancer OR an agency – we are proud to sit in the middle of the two. You get the personal touch of working with a pre-qualified freelancer, with all the benefits of working with an agency.

Project manager
Professional tooling
Scales with project
Backup in case of illness
Fully insured
Personal touch
Short chain of command
Single point of contact
Avg. price comparison£5,000£15,000£25,000
Skill poolLimited skillsUnlimitedUnlimited

Freelance oversaturation

Anyone who has hired for a project, knows that the freelancer market is oversaturated. Finding the best developer for a project is extremely time consuming, and ultimately requires an element of expertise to determine whether a candidate has the skills they say they do and is the best for the job.

Filter through the noise

We have invested time building a database of excellent, sometimes even ‘untapped’ talent, who meet our high quality standards. Each freelancer we partner with goes through a series of background checks, face-to-face interviews, and are only approved when they have passed a skills-based test.

Our Morals

Day-to-day team

James Grimshaw

Senior Developer

James brings to the table over 7+ years of professional experience as an experienced JavaScript developer and all-around code ninja. He has built systems used by hundreds of thousands of people, for local businesses, all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. James has a passion for clean code, adhereing to current standards, and learning about emerging technologies. His other hobbies include cooking and coffee. Well, that’s if visiting coffee shops can be classed as a hobby!

Bex Longhurst

Project Manager & Director

Bex founded The Website Company in November 2019, and has been building websites, designing interfaces, and solutioning web apps both professionally and personally for over 10 years. She is ex-IBM, with experience in software architecture, web development, and working & managing global teams. She now predominantly focuses being the team’s WordPress genie & running the business full time. In her free time, she is a VR fan and loves chilling with her dog.

Sam Wallace

Business Development

Sam helps to manage our various online sales platforms, finding new business, and working with existing business on a part time basis. He brings experience in account management, business development & sales within large groups such as P&G, Samsung, O2, & SAP. During the pandemic, he took the opportunity to step away from the high-pressure corporate space for a much more relaxed approach to life. He loves being outdoors and is a keen surfer (when the weather allows for it) and enjoys travelling off-grid with his camera.

Jasmine Harwood

Senior UI & UX Designer

Jasmine has 3+ years of experience as a UI/UX Designer. Putting her creative and perfectionist nature to good use, She has worked on various projects from apps and websites to branding and illustration for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. She’s passionate about designing clean, modern interfaces that focus on the user and help to bring innovative and creative ideas to life. Her hobbies include keeping fit, watching gamers on YouTube and obsessing over dinosaurs (nerd alert!)

You’ve got awesome ideas, and we’ve got all the time in the world to listen to them.