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Step into SaaS Program

The Website Company’s “10 steps to SaaS” program, is the perfectly imperfect journey from zero to MVP, for ambitious entrepreneurs, start ups, aspiring SaaS owners and ideapreneurs who are struggling with the technical & creative barriers of bringing their ideas to the market.

Unlike traditional development houses who insist on working with perfectly polished and well-thought-out specification documents, we embrace your rough edges and help provide your venture with the technical kick it needs to get your MVP or version 1 over the line, so you can get your idea to the market quickly. This way, it’ll be ready and waiting to be tested by your early adopters.

Using our method and expertise, you can significantly improve your ability to scale, and therefore your chances of securing investor funding for, your SaaS venture later down the line. You’ll also have an asset with real data, real customers, and real income, to prove to potential investors that your product works, and solves a real problem.

What's so great about that?

Well, traditional development houses insist on working with perfectly refined, polished, and well-thought out specification documents that can take months and months to prepare or produce if you lack the technical expertise. This wastes valuable time that could have been better spent testing if things actually resonate in the market, with real users.

We do things differently. Instead, we will patiently work with you through 10 specially-designed stages to remove all of the technical & creative barriers that have previously stopped you from taking your venture to the market. We’ll take whiteboard ideas, and we’ll craft them into usable functionality that you can push out, test, and refine quickly with early adopters.

We do this in 2 phases.

How it works

Phase 1: Zero to Hero

Phase 1 takes an idea previously written on a whiteboard, or stored in your head, all the way to a spec’d out, professional, MVP specifications document. This phase is perfectly designed for any ideas which have been blocked in the past by you, or your team’s, technical or creative barriers. This is also the perfect starting point for anyone who already has a development team, but who doesn’t have the development capacity in-house to pursue an idea like this right now. If you’re already in a position where you have a specification document, you can skip most of phase 1 and go straight to stage 5.

Picture of a computer screen with illustration on it

How it works

Phase 2: Commencement

Phase 2 takes your specifications document and starts to bring your project to life. Below, we walk you through the final 5 stages of the Step into SaaS journey. You’ll see that this is where things really start to get exciting.

Are you the right fit?

It’s incredibly important to consider working with a company who understands you to the core, your values, and your work ethic, and vice versa. Generally speaking, for a project to be a success, we require your enthusiasm, commitment & joy of seeing a project all the way through to the end. The best projects are always the ones where ultimately the whole team thrives & enjoys themeslves. So, do you and your business fit the bill?

You’ve got awesome ideas, and we’ve got the time to listen to them.