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Website Maintenance Plans

Plans to suit every budget

Unlike other web design companies we’ll never ‘rent’ your website to you. Once we’ve finished the work on your website, everything on it is yours to own, forever. However, we totally understand that you still might need someone to maintain it for you. What’s why we can offer you a comprehensive website maintenance plan.

So, if you’d like us to take responsibility for maintaining your awesome site after delivery, we absolutely will. You’ll receive special access to all sorts of additional benefits by sticking with us after the build, instead of trying to figure it out on your own, or go with a competitor. The main benefit of chosing a plan directly from the web developer who built your site in the first place, is that they will know your site inside and out. Even if we didn’t build it ourselves, we still know what we’re doing.

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How involved should we get?

You’d trust your doctor to look after your personal health, so why would you not ask web developers to look after the health of your site? It’s the heart of your business after all! A good maintenance plan helps your business and your staff have more time to do what they do best – running the business! Don’t spend hours and hours of valuable business time trying to manage your site – leave it to the professionals.

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Chosen a website maintenance plan?

After weighing up all the options, and after talking to our team of nerds, you’ve probably figured out the best website maintenance plan for your business. We’re ready and waiting to set you up with your brand new website maintenance plan. Just contact us, and let us know your selected plan & we’ll get it set up straight away. All of our plans will commence immediately after purchase.